City Plumbing

Launch Website

Plumber → Hand drawn + Illustrator
Icons → Illustrator
Wireframes + Designs → Photoshop
HTML + CSS + PHP → Dreamweaver

City Plumbing is a Toronto-based family-operated business that has been around for more than 30 years and they needed a stronger online presence. I created a WordPress child theme for them.

In my research of the top Google search results for Toronto plumbing companies, I found that these sites are mostly blue and red and very busy. In order for City Plumbing to stand out from the rest, I went with a simpler layout and stuck with the red and black of their logo, subtly accenting with the “chrome” pipe. I illustrated the plumber character and the other icons as well, which were delivered to the client as images for use in social media.

City Plumbing Home Page

City Plumbing mobile view