Jade Mountain Wellness & Acupuncture

Launch Website

Wireframes + Designs → Photoshop
HTML + CSS + PHP → Dreamweaver

Jade Mountain Wellness & Acupuncture needed a redesign for their online presence. They wanted something clean, but not minimalist, something professional, but not clinical, and they wanted it to be warm and inviting. They wanted the ability to edit their own content, and it had to including their Appointment Plus booking page.

Jade Mountain is Canadian, but predominantly provides Chinese medicine services, so I gave the site a feeling of a combination of these two cultures. I sampled colours from their existing logo to use in the colour palette. WordPress was the best option for allowing them the ability to edit their own content, so I created a child theme, and provided them with a custom WordPress manual specific to their site in order to facilitate their first-time use of WordPress.

Jade Mountain Home Page

Jade Mountain Herbal Medicine Page

Jade Mountain Fees Page

Jade Mountain mobile view