Robert Lindsy Milne

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Logo → Illustrator
Wireframes + Design → Photoshop
HTML + CSS + PHP → Dreamweaver

Robert Lindsy Milne is recognized across North America as one of the most insightful psychic intuitive counselors of his time. He wanted a change from his original branding, which was more whimsical, to something that reflected his professionalism and was more masculine and sophisticated.

For Robert’s logo, I chose Century Gothic for its clean geometry and its reminiscence of Art Deco typefaces in order to create a classic look. Black as the base colour, I chose, because it’s demure, but the yellow accents are bright – the combination, therefore, being sophisticated and welcoming.

Based on the logo, I designed and created a WordPress child theme for Robert so he could maintain a video blog and update the site content on his own.

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